DuraLabel Arc Flash Labels Available To Meet NEC 2008 Requirements

October 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The latest revision to the National Electrical Code (NEC), the NEC 2008 code, requires field-marking of electrical equipment to warn of potential arc flash hazards. The new DuraLabel PRO arc flash labeling supplies and the Flash Label software included with the DuraLabel PRO label printer, gives you the capabilities to fully meet the arc flash labeling requirements of NEC 2008.

Steve Hudgik, Internet Marketing Manager for Graphic Products reports that "A recent survey by the NEC Digest revealed that 'only 14% of the equipment installed before 2002 had arc flash warning labels, while 52% of equipment installed in 2002 and later had them.' This tells us that industry and facilities are far from complying with the labeling requirements of the NEC code. DuraLabel PRO arc flash labeling supplies can help solve this problem."

Hudgik continued, "The NEC 2008 Code does not specify what information to be included on an arc flash label. With the DuraLabel PRO printer a variety of arc flash labeling supplies are available, allowing you to create exactly the labels you want to use."

There are three types of DuraLabel PRO supplies available for making arc flash labels:

Die-Cut Supply:

If the incident energy has been determined for a device, the Flash Label Software provides a database application for creating, printing and storing arc flash labels. The Flash Label software prints on 4"x6" die-cut labels that have either a WARNING or a DANGER header pre-printed on the label. Labels can be printed in three languages: English, Spanish and French.

Two-Color Continuous Vinyl:

An option that provides greater customization is the two-color continuous vinyl tape available in three sizes. This tape is white with an orange stripe at the top. The DuraLabel PRO can print a signal word or phrase in the stripe, such as DANGER or WARNING. The white area, which makes up most the label, is used to print whatever other information or pictograms are desired. In addition to making arc flash labels, this material may be used to make other types of warning label.

Continuous Vinyl:

A third option DuraLabel PRO supplies provide is to use solid color continuous vinyl tapes. These tapes, available in over 30 colors, allow total flexibility in label design. Pictograms and text, in any language, can be combined to create custom arc flash labels and signs.

The DuraLabel PRO is a new high speed thermal transfer label printer made by Graphic Products. It produces superior quality printing that is resistant to scratching, smearing, moisture, and fading. With the huge selection of supplies available for the DuraLabel PRO, it can handle just about any facility labeling requirement.

More information about the DuraLabel PRO printer: http://www.duralabel.com

Images of labels made with each type of supply are available at:

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