Internet Guru Reveals Secret Sale Techniques

October 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Fort Bragg, California - October 13, 2007 - According to Brown, “The #1 source of traffic for the overwhelming majority of Internet marketers (gurus included) is 'partner traffic'.” One reason is that even if you are a work-a-holic, you are limited in what you can accomplish alone. However, by building an affiliate organization - sales army - you can accomplish much, much more.

In Sales Army Secrets, Jimmy D. Brown shares exactly how he (and other gurus) build traffic, thus sales, through affiliates. Brown says, “having your own affiliate program is the ultimate in driving droves of visitors to your website.”

This comprehensive package provides the necessary knowledge to find affiliates and get them marketing your product - fast. The step-by-step approach allows you to create a successful affiliate program quickly.

Sales Army Secrets shows how to get affiliates and, more importantly, how to motivate them to sell your product(s). It also gives you the tools needed to help your affiliates sell more. This helps attract more affiliates, as they know they will march into the affiliate wars, battle ready. It also gives you peace of mind knowing you'll have competent, prepared affiliates to do your selling.

As Brown points out, by having affiliates do the selling, your time is freed up to focus on more important things like creating more products and adding more affiliates to your sales army.

According to Jimmy D. Brown, having a successful affiliate program in place makes your traffic automatic - you don't have to lift a finger — your sales army does it for you.

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