2D Cutting Optimization Library GNCutter32

October 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Optimalon Software has released a new version of its successful 2D rectangular optimization library GNCutter32. The library brings a fast, reliable and simple way to reduce the material waste that usually happens during the cutting operations in woodworking, glass, metal and many other industries.

Companies that make products from glass, wood or metal usually cut the material in place according to the product design. The one of the major problems are to define how much material is required, how to cut all pieces and how to use as less material as possible.
GNCutter32 gives the answers to all these questions in seconds. It generates the cutting layout using the product design, it performs the optimization using several criteria, such as minimal waste, simpler layout and reusability of the resting pieces and it produces cutting sequence that are suitable for the cutting machine code generation.

The library also provides some unique functionality for wood cutting, such as minimization of different layouts. The layout minimization allows cutting the several wood sheet at once by placing them into a pile one on the top of another. This approach dramatically reduces the operating time and significantly improves the productivity.
GNCutter32 can be easily integrated into existing CAD/CAM software or to any in-house customize solutions.

The main features of GNCutter32 are:
· Two cutting methods types: Nesting (metal) and Guillotine (glass, wood, etc.).
· Supports different level of cutting complexity, depending of cutting tool restrictions.
· Horizontal, Vertical and Automatic-detected cutting directions.
· Supports pre-cuts for higher material utilization.
· Multiple sizes of the stock sheets.
· Minimization of the cutting layouts to reduce operating time.
· Support of non-zero saw kerf for wood cutting.
· Minimal waste parts sizes for cases when the cutting tool cannot work on small pieces.
· Control how many different part sizes (references) get cut at the same time.
· Supports maximum cut length for the cutting machines.
· Incomplete optimization when only some parts can be cut from the sheets.
· Sheets trimming.
· Parts can be rotated by 90 degrees to maximize yield.
· Unlimited parts and sheets number.

GNCutter32 is available on try-before-buy basis that means anyone can download it for free and test it for 30-days trial
period. More information about the library is available at Optimalon Software website: