GED Academy Reports: Why Employers Prefer to Hire GED Graduates

October 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Employers often ask, How does a GED compare to a high school diploma? What skills does the GED graduate possess? How do these skills interface with the job market?

The answers are surprising. A prospective employee with a GED has actually demonstrated skills higher than 40% of high school graduates—and they are the skills that employers value most.

The GED was established in 1942 and has evolved into a sophisticated set of five exams that require the candidate to demonstrate a high level of understanding and skill in mathematics, science, social studies, reading, and writing. The GED tests have gleaned the most important skills from the high school curriculum, those that will add value to any workplace: critical thinking, evaluation, making inferences, and problem solving.

Unfortunately, the standards for high school graduates is not as clear cut. A job applicant with a high school diploma may or may not have mastered basic skills because the academic standards for high schools vary dramatically. The issue is further confused by the proliferation of fake diploma mills so that it is difficult for the employer to know if the job applicant actually attended a real high school.

ÒBut with the GED there is no question of the quality of the applicantÕs skills. An employer knows exactly what level of proficiency the GED graduate has achieved because the GED is a standardized test that measures a very specific set of skills and knowledge,Ó explains GED Academy president, Michael Ormsby. There is no guesswork with the GED. Choosing a GED graduate guarantees that your next employee has not only achieved a high degree of basic skills in math, science, social studies, reading, and writing, but perhaps even more important, he or she has shown the perseverance and commitment to prepare for and complete a challenging eight-hour battery of exams.

Hiring a GED graduate assures the employer that the employee is in the top 60% of high school graduates in the skill areas that matter most. Learn more about to obtain the GED with online study programs at