DermaRF Radiofrequency Non-Surgical Face Lifting at Singapore clinic Simply Aesthetic

October 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Singapore - October 15, 2007 - Simply Aesthetic, a Singapore-based medical aesthetic clinic, has acquired the DermaRF Radiofrequency device for non-ablative skin tightening and fat melting. This adds a new dimension to the clinic�s rejuvenation and body contouring services.

Using Superpulse RF technology, immediate collagen shrinkage occurs, resulting in an instant lifting effect. Deep dermal stimulation results in new collagen formation and long-lasting results. Used in combination with the other treatments available at the clinic, clients can achieve an improvement in skin texture, lifting, reduction in wrinkle depth and number, and lightening of pigmentary changes caused by sun damage and ageing. The new treatment can help in jaw line definition, lift cheeks and reduce the fine lines around eyes.

The rejuvenation mode improves skin tone and texture, reduces the size of open pores and helps to evacuate blackheads and comedones. Large pores are a particularly difficult problem to eradicate in the local Asian population, greatly exacerbated by sun damage and tropical conditions.

The DermaRF was chosen for its unique advantages over other radiofrequency devices. The radio waves are delivered through special glass tipped wands. The Superpulse technology allows a high energy delivery with minimal discomfort. The epidermis is protected as the heat is rapidly transmitted deep into the dermis, producing its effects on collagen shrinkage and activating new collagen production.

The treatment protocol is simple, with each session lasting about an hour (depending on area and degree of sagging). The lifting effect is immediately visible. The results are maintained with an average of six treatments spaced a fortnight apart. The frequency of treatment allows gradual moulding of the face into a more youthful contour.

Subsequent maintenance is one session every six to twelve months.

The treatment involves the rapid movement of the treatment wand over the areas of concern. A special ionizing gel is used for gliding. Heat is generated very rapidly to a target temperature of 40 degrees Celcius, and maintained for two to three minutes for maximum effect. Minimal discomfort is experienced during the treatment.

Different hand pieces are available for face lifting, rejuvenation, and body lifting. Clients have the option of purchasing personal body probes for non-surgical vaginal lifting. Small area targeted fat melting, breast lifting and buttock lifting is also possible with this device.

Simply Aesthetic is a medical aesthetic clinic located at Singapore's UE Square Shopping Mall. Led by Dr Christine Cheng, the clinic offers a range of services to reverse the signs of ageing, weight loss and body contouring.