iwiLetter.com fills a personal void by combining Technology and Tradition

October 17, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Atlanta, GA – iwiLetter.com (www.iwiLetter.com) announces the release of its web-based letter writing tool, which allows customers to write customized letters online without the hassle of pens, paper, envelopes or stamps. iwiLetter.com will print, stuff and mail letters from anywhere where the internet is available. The user-friendly website makes mailing letters fast, convenient and fun with a variety of convenient features.

iwiLetter.com, incepted in 2006, has been operational since July of 2007. President and CEO, Doug Spears, conceived of the idea for the website when he needed to quickly mail a personalized letter to his grandmother at Christmas and found himself traveling and without access to the needed materials to send a letter. He explains, “My grandmother was not accustomed to using email or the internet, so the best way for me to reach her with a thoughtful message was through the mail. I began to think about how many of us find ourselves in similar situations. For college students and even military personnel overseas, being able to write a letter online and have someone else handle the printing and mailing struck me as an excellent service. I quickly began to develop the idea further and committed my efforts to providing potential subscribers with a fast, convenient way to send letters to loved ones. The idea blossomed from there.”

Spears quickly began to think of other ways subscribers might use iwiLetter.com. For instance, he wanted to give small businesses a way to send a mailing to clients without sacrificing the personal touch that mailing a letter offers, and he wanted to streamline the mailing process so that these businesses would be able to devote their valuable time to other tasks. As a result, he developed a site in which contact information could be saved for future use and even developed sample letters for those who need guidance in choosing the appropriate correspondence. For added convenience, he included a feature that allows subscribers to save written letters for future use and designate a specific mail date. According to Spears, “I wanted to remove some of the roadblocks that often prevent people from sending original, personalized letters. Though email now dominates the way we communicate in the 21st century, I truly still believe in the inherent value of mailed correspondence.”

iwiLetter.com plans to expand their offerings in the near future to include mailings outside of the United States, volume discounts, cards and stationery, the ability to upload image files and much more!

About iwiLetter.com
iwiLetter.com is the quick and easy way to send letters online. Once customers sign on as an iwiLetter.com customer, they can type the letter and iwiLetter.com handles the rest. They print a real letter, stuff it, stamp it and mail it anywhere in the U.S for only $2.00. Visit www.iwiLetter.com for more reasons to use iwiLetter.com