President Urged to Regulate Blunt Objects "Blunt Objects" require proof of training at Farm & Field

June 28, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
ATLANTA, June 28, 2005 — President George Bush should regulate blunt objects that could cause severe injuries or even death, according to a leading outdoors auction website.

"There has long been pressure on politicians to ban guns of all sorts, and already we see new pressures to ban kitchen knives," says Farm & Field Auctions President Chad Brown. He is referring to the report by doctors from West Middlesex University Hospital in Great Britain, who blame half of all stabbings on kitchen knives. The doctors are calling for a ban of long, pointy kitchen knives.

Farm & Field Auctions maintains that the United States cannot stand idly by, while Great Britain takes the lead in injury prevention. "We have to get ahead of the curve," Brown declares "Great Britain has already banned most guns, and now it might ban knives, too. We can claim our rightful lead in personal safety by regulating all blunt objects before they do."

The US Department of Justice reports that 26% of violent crimes involve a weapon. Blunt objects, such as rocks, clubs, blackjacks, bats, and metal pipes, accounted for more injuries from violent crimes than knives and other pointed objects, and almost as many incidents of armed violence. Meanwhile, the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault reports that 35% of assault are committed with clubs and other blunt objects.

Asked why he does not want all blunt objects banned, Brown said that would be just plain silly. "Britain's murder rate has been steadily rising since most guns were banned in 1996," he said. "Could you imagine the how crowded our hospitals would be if we banned blunt objects altogether?"

Farm & Field Auctions says that regulating rocks, clubs, blackjacks, bats, and metal pipes could more significantly cut down in injuries from violent crime than by banning them.

"We have taken the first step," says Brown. "We do not allow anyone to bid on rocks, metal pipes, clubs or bats, not even rolling pins or frying pans, unless they can produce a certificate of proper training. Now it is up to the government to take action."

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