Claims management software solution for start-up firm

October 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
As a start-up operation, Farley Dwek LLP was faced with a common problem. The law firm specialising in personal injury claims needed a good case management software system – in order to attain the case levels required for profitability; going over-budget on IT equipment and services would compromise spending on other important activities like marketing and business development.

Enter AquariumClaims, the SaaS (software as a service) claims management software that eliminates the use of expensive hardware, supporting software and allied services. Another advantage of AquariumClaims which perfectly suited the requirements of Farley Dwek was the weekly pay-as-you-go model.

Aquarium Software implemented its case management software in three phases for Farley Dwek. First, over 300 supporting documents were entered into the system. The details of a specific case could be generated at the touch of a button; then, for each type of case, a workflow process management system tuned exactly to Farley Dwek’s needs was put in place to ensure all documents went out in the appropriate sequence, data was captured in the correct format and cases progressed within required timescales. Automated alerts flagged cases at risk of falling behind schedule. Finally, a series of on-demand and automatically generated reports provided the partners with key management information on currently active cases and the performance of each fee-earner.

Farley Dwek LLP reaped a number of benefits as a result of using Aquarium’s claims management software. IT costs were kept to a minimum, since no specialised IT department, hardware or additional software was required. Routine maintenance was carried out by Aquarium, and product customisation was easily handled by the user. Also, the simple step-by-step process enabled new users to get up to speed quickly, while tool flexibility allowed power users to tailor the system to their needs.

All this resulted in increased profits for Farley Dwek. The intelligent workflow meant that a higher number of cases were processed more efficiently. In addition, management reporting flagged any concerns, facilitating swift remedial action.

Jonathan Dwek said: “We looked at other software in the marketplace, but we liked AquariumClaims the best, particularly the idea of being able to control and manipulate the system according to our needs. The fact that no IT department was required, which is very expensive, was another advantage. It’s relatively inexpensive, simple, quick, efficient, and most importantly flexible to our exact needs. AquariumClaims allows us total control of cases and documents and saves hugely on cost.”

Farley Dwek has been using the system for six months, doing the majority of their own document creation, printing and archiving electronically. As a result, Farley Dwek has already increased its case load.

“There are no hidden extras, it can be tailored to our needs, and has management reporting systems which are very important to us. Plus, I don’t have to wait for things to get done. If I want to send a letter, I can create it myself and send it. It’s all internet-based, so there are no hardware hassles. I can access any document I want, at any stage of the process, at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. And, there’s even a support team at AquariumClaims helping us to make changes for no extra charge,” adds Jonathan.

AquariumClaims is designed to be quick to set up and its cost is highly competitive compared to traditional software. Aquarium also offers an innovative pay-per-usage model. Because AquariumClaims uses the latest web-based technology, it can give users a powerful solution at a cost that traditional software providers cannot match.

Aquarium has set up a “60 second” online test which allows claims companies to compare their current processes with state-of-the-art claims processing using AquariumClaims. The test is free and confidential, and the results are emailed back immediately to the user. Interested claims managers can take the AquariumClaims online test at

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Ref: ECA008 – AquariumClaims case study: Farley Dwek LLP