Remote support in the third generation

October 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Uhingen, 10/19/2007 –TeamViewer GmbH presents the latest version of its remote maintenance software in TeamViewer 3. The solution, which enables PCs to be controlled via the Internet and is used for support, for example, now has special features for use under Windows Vista. In addition, core components of the software have been completely redeveloped and provide for improved performance, stability and handling. The desktop-sharing tool is available in three versions for professional use whilst private users can use the solution free of charge.

TeamViewer 3 is one of the first remote maintenance solutions to be able to establish connections to PCs running the Windows Vista operating system and also to control applications on the Vista Secure Desktop. Queries of the user account protection (UAC / User Account Control) are thereby completely transmitted and changes can be confirmed from the supporting computer.

New encoding routines and improved compression additionally ensure faster and more stable connections. When transferring files between the computers, interrupted transfers can be resumed without loss of data. The previously separate DynGate module, which allows communication with computers even through firewalls, is now completely integrated in TeamViewer. In addition, computers with several monitors can now also be remotely controlled by means of multi-monitor-handling. The view can be switched dynamically between the individual screens of the remote computer as required.

“TeamViewer has now been installed on over two million computers worldwide and we have clients in more than 50 countries,” explains Dr. Tilo Rossmanith, executive manager of TeamViewer GmbH. “With the latest version we are continuing to stick to our line and offer functional, compact software with none of the superfluous features that hardly any user needs in practice”.

Prices and availability:
TeamViewer 3 is available now and can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s online shop ( The solution is available to commercial users at prices ranging from €349 to €998 plus VAT in the versions Small Business, Enterprise and Enterprise Concurrent. Private users can use TeamViewer free of charge; the only restriction is that the duration of use is limited to 25 hours per month. Inexpensive updates are available to users of preceding versions. In addition, all TeamViewer licences bought after 1/7/2007 are automatically valid for version 3 at no extra cost.