ACS Distance Education Does it Differently (Profile)

October 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Principal John Mason said, “Industry needs are evolving all the time and it’s no longer good enough for students to simply obtain a fixed set of skills and knowledge.
“They need a sound academic foundation that can underpin more flexible workplace capacities such as communication, networking, research, problem solving – and most importantly, an ability to adapt to changing industry needs.”
Established in 1979, ACS Distance Education operated as a Registered Training Organisation from 1993 to 2000. But the Internet boom changed the face of business for the school and it took on a more international focus.

“While other training organizations offer competency-based training and are assessment focused, we have steered away from that approach,” Mr Mason said.
“ACS offers experiential education that takes a problem-based approach to learning. This shift in priorities does limit our potential to gain accreditation under narrow formal frameworks but it also enables us to respond to change much faster than accredited institutions because we lack the layers of bureaucracy they face.”

All of this has resulted in
- over 200 horticulture, agriculture, environmental etc courses
- over 10 million words of intellectual property
- schools operating in both UK and Aust; and courses licensed for delivery through 4 additional countries.
- a team of academics with outstanding experience, working out of Australia, the UK and NZ.
- Great flexibility for students in what, when, where & how they study

Courses include.
RHS Certificates, Diplomas & M. Hort (accredited in the UK)
Cert in Sustainable Ag (Farm Bis approved)
Various diplomas & certs (IARC accredited)
100 hr short courses varied as:
Beef Cattle
Mushroom Production (100 hrs)
Organic Growing
Sustainable Agriculture
Water Conservation and Management
Herb Culture
Children’s Nutrition
Project Management
Bookkeeping (ICB recognized)