Cyber Top Cops Anti-Spam Division Focuses on Spam Prevention and Research

October 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Coenraad de Beer, founder of Cyber Top Cops, announced today that they will no longer take action against spammers reported through their spam reporting service. Cyber Top Cops will focus on spam prevention and the education of Internet users about several aspects of spam.

"Spam reporting services, offered by several anti-spam organisations, are already doing a great job of terminating the services of spammers. By shifting our focus to spam research, spam prevention and spam education, we only change the angle of our attack against spammers. Instead of following in the footsteps of popular spam reporting services, we actually support their cause by raising awareness about the dangers of spam, teaching Internet users effective spam reporting methods and effective measures of staying off the mailing lists of spammers," said De Beer.

"Anti-spam laws are lacklustre and ineffective. The only remedy that's available to anti-spam organisations, is the enforcement of policy violations. Terminating the services of a spammer does not stop him/her from opening a new account with another service provider. We will continue to play cat and mouse with the spammers if we don't take drastic measures to educate the Internet community on how to deal with spam and how to treat unsolicited e-mails."

Cyber Top Cops will therefore support the spam eradicating efforts of anti-spam organisations, but only on the level of research and education. De Beer added that it is better to battle spam from a different angle than battling spam in the same way as everyone else.

About Cyber Top Cops
Cyber Top Cops have been educating the Internet community about cyber threats since April 2006. By tackling the root of the problem, namely ignorance, Cyber Top Cops hopes to build a cyber community that has wit and is clever enough to survive on its own in the Cyber World.

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