Pain-Free Program Uses Corrective Exercise to Provide Non-Invasive Pain Relief for Chronic Back Pain, Neck Pain and Joint Pain

October 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
San Diego, Calif. – Function First, Inc., a San Diego-based company is offering a pain relief program called “The Pain-Free Program” designed to eliminate chronic back pain, neck pain and joint pain without medication or surgery. Anthony Carey, a corrective exercise specialist and CEO of Function First, Inc. is inviting people to try his pain relief program by downloading a free chapter from his book, “The Pain-Free Program: A Proven Method to Relieve Back, Neck, Shoulder, and Joint Pain” (John Wiley and Sons) by visiting
According to Carey, muscle imbalance issues are often the root cause of chronic pain. Carey says that very often the chronic pain people are experiencing now is the result of a series of small events that, when looked at as a whole, lead to the real reason for the chronic pain.

Carey’s pain relief program is based on a relatively unknown technique called corrective exercise, which can best be described as a blend of personal training and physical therapy. Corrective exercise provides pain relief by focusing on the underlying mechanical cause of chronic pain, not just on ways to remove or mask the pain. It uses unique corrective exercises that address these muscle imbalances and misalignments to relieve stress in the body and as a result provides pain relief. A corrective exercise program may be done easily at home and requires no special equipment.

“Corrective exercise focuses on the whole body, not just the injured area,” says Carey. “Since most people have never heard of corrective exercise, we are offering people a free chapter from my book, ‘The Pain-Free Program’ as a way to introduce them to this revolutionary new approach to pain relief,” added Carey.

People looking for pain relief may download the free chapter at

Anthony Carey, M.A., CSCS, CES is the author of “The Pain-Free Program” and the founder and CEO of Function First, Inc. Function First provides a variety of corrective exercise products and services that provide pain relief for those with back pain, neck pain, joint pain and chronic pain. Carey, a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. His work has been recognized by national media outlets including Time Magazine, The New York Times and Oprah’s “O” Magazine. For more information about Anthony Carey and Function First, please visit or call 619-285-9218.