Coaching Youth Basketball: Teaching Individual Defense

October 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Coach Ronn Wyckoff has just released his latest ebook, titled, “Teaching Individual Defense”. This is the 12th, and next-to-last, in the series of basic basketball coaching ebooks by the author.

This one is a “biggie”, taking in what Coach Ronn says amounts to teaching half the game. To quote: “In a thirty-two minute game, if both teams are equal, defense is fifty-per cent of the game.”

"Teaching Individual Defense" is a 43 page book, loaded with diagrams and pictures that will teach a coach new to basketball just how to go about teaching young players to play defense. Coach Ronn also touts an “easier more efficient look”, for more experienced coaches to be able to teach his or her players how to play better defense.

Further, Coach Ronn offers that his methods will help any coach become an outstanding defensive teaching-coach. He teaches the coaches how to teach every aspect of individual defense, from the beginning stance, to how to move, how to defend at each position, and how to defend different areas of the floor and differing situations, both on- and off-the-ball, with his “Triangle Defense”

Coach Ronn lists what he calls his “Defensive Truths”:

# Teams have to get the ball in order to play with the ball! Defense gets the ball! Period!

# In a thirty-two minute game, if both teams are equal, defense is fifty-per cent of the game.

# Defense is too important to just hope that players will get it. The coaches must teach it.

# So many times coaches don’t really believe in defense, relying rather on their offensive teaching skills.

# Or, perhaps coaches just don’t understand how to teach defense.

The author believes that once a coach knows how, defense can then be taught easily enough and drilled to perfection the same way coaches develop offenses—over and over and over, until it becomes UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE!

Coach Ronn is considered a defensive teaching specialist and as such has used these teaching techniques successfully for more than 40 years of coaching, and in teaching other coaches how to teach the game around the world. Over his long career, he has devised, borrowed, honed and tweaked the things he teaches so readers can become stronger teachers or players of the game.

Coach Ronn’s ebook collection, along with his powerful 4-hour teaching DVD, and information about his mentoring programs for both coaches and players, can be found at his website,