Osteopathy: Promoting Core Strength and Stability

October 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The way that we use our posture in day to day activities as well as in sport will determine both strength and stability. Posture Dynamics identify three parts of the body from which posture is stabilised: abdominal muscles, the diaphragm for correct breathing and the shoulders. Pilates has been recognized to be the best exercise to help achieve stabilisation of posture. Posture Dynamics works with Pilates techniques and will demonstrate to patients on a one-to-one basis, how best to apply them in everyday activities whether sitting at a desk, walking, running or playing football.

In fact, osteopaths at Posture Dynamics will be able to tell you exactly which techniques involving Pilates will suit you. Examination of your body’s biomechanics help the osteopath to identify the areas you need to focus on. Pilates essentially focuses on core stability muscles that will help keep the posture of the body balanced. Slow, deliberate and controlled movements require correct breathing techniques and alignment, concentrating on the Transverse Abdominals, multifidi (for stabilising the spine), psoas and iliapsoas muscles (which span from the upper lumbar vertebrae to the upper thigh).

Long periods of sitting often result in these muscles becoming inactive, making them weak, which is demonstrated when it becomes difficult for them to support core structures, particularly during physically heavy demands. Yet before beginning Pilates, it is wise to see an osteopath, and as Daren Fletcher of Posture Dynamics explains “to get the most from Pilates and to help stabilize your posture you have to understand where your individual weaknesses and vulnerabilities are in your posture and body. Seeing an osteopath before embarking on your Pilates programme will help you to target the specific areas of importance and enable you to achieve the difference you are looking to make”.

Promoting core strength and stability, Posture Dynamics advise of Pilates techniques chosen specifically for the individual. For further details on how Pilates can help core strength and stability, please email: contact@posturedynamics.co.uk or visit: www.posturedynamics.co.uk

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