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October 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Toronto, Canada (PRLeap) October 24 – “Marketing on the Internet? Why would I do that?” Until now, that question has posed a quandary for thousands of working voice actors around the world, leaving more than just search engine results to be desired. As is the case with most creative types, people at ease behind the microphone working professionally as voice actors, don’t have the time or desire to research the finer technical elements of promoting their voice over business, presenting them with issues of non-relevancy, low visibility and a noticeably minor or even absent online presence, despite their high profile and renown in the offline world.

For an industry moving at warp speed, gingerly dancing to the technological drum, it would only make sense that voice actors inch even closer to self-promotional efforts on the Internet, marketing their talents online to the best of their abilities. However, the majority of voice talents have little or no formal business training, placing more emphasis on their artistic talent than on how they are marketed to prospective clientele who search for voice actors using tools such as search engines and voice over marketplaces.

What is a voice actor without a strategy for online marketing to do? Serendipitously, the answer awaits them in the form of a hot, new Internet Marketing plan crafted specifically for voice actors, presented by the co-founders of, leaders in the online voice over industry and experts in search engine marketing.

Among other aspects of marketing online, the Internet Marketing Plan for Voice Actors teaches talent:

• How to get traffic to their websites without spending money
• How to become established as an authority in the eyes of search engines and visitors
• How to get leaps and bounds ahead of the competition
• How to maintain a web presence as well as continue to grow

The Internet Marketing Plan for Voice Actors can be purchased online at the website. To learn more visit the Internet Marketing Plan for Voice Actors:


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