Universal Address Makes Mobile GMaps Universal

October 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
October 25, 2007, Toronto, Canada. NAC Geographic Products Inc. (www.nacgeo.com) and Mr. Cristian Streng ¨C owner of Mobile GMaps (www.mgmaps.com) proudly announced the release of NAC enhanced Mobile GMaps.

A Natural Area Code (NAC) is an efficient and unified representation for both an area and a location anywhere in the world, which can uniquely specify any city-sized area in the world with only four characters, every square kilometer with six characters, every building-sized area with eight characters, and every square meter with ten characters. NACs can be used as geographic coordinates, universal addresses, global postcodes, universal area codes and universal property identifiers to bridge the gaps caused by different languages and traditions of different countries and to make all these representations highly efficient. Therefore, eight and ten character NACs are also called Universal Addresses. The NAC of any area, location or street address in the world can be found on www.travelgis.com/map.asp and www.travelgis.com/geocode/. Businesses should include their Universal Addresses as part of addresses on their business cards, advertisements and yellow pages so that their customers can find them easily.

Mobile GMaps is a free wireless map application for most Java enabled cellphones. It provides high resolution satellite images, aerial maps and detail street maps from Yahoo, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Ask.com and other sources, as well as local search, turn-by-turn directions and additional services. Users now can use NACs to specify areas and locations for retrieving maps, getting driving directions and searching local amenities anywhere in the world. The application also combines the four latitude/longitude coordinates of the bounding rectangle of each item from Wikimapia into a single NAC. If the cellphone is equipped with GPS, it will also display the GPS location in NAC which functions like a location watch to tell exact location.

¡°Mobile GMaps is designed for all users in the world, especially those traveling across different countries with different languages,¡± said Mr. Streng, ¡°street addresses are language/character dependent and also quite long which are difficult and time consuming for traveler to input. Many locations even do not have street addresses at all. Now, users have got a new option to use NACs which can complement the limitations of street addresses and make Mobile GMaps able to specify locations highly efficient, language independent and universal.¡±

¡°The release of NAC enhanced Mobile GMaps ¨C the world¡¯s most powerful wireless map application represents another breakthrough of the Universal Address System on the consumer market,¡± said Dr. Xinhang Shen, president of NAC Geographic Products Inc., ¡°and Universal Addresses also makes Mobile GMaps a truly universal navigation system.¡±