announces two free eBay services

October 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News announces today the pairing of two free and unique services to help eBay shoppers search aggressively and bid securely. AuctionShadow's "ShadowSearch" is an eBay search tool which uses other bidders' eBay IDs as search terms to improve results and be competitive. "Security Services" is a suite of safety checks which look deeply into a seller's record to create a comprehensive profile of the seller's eBay history.

In addition to searching eBay in the more traditional manner using keywords, AuctionShadow collects eBay IDs to use in "ShadowSearches." This allows AuctionShadow users to 'shadow' other eBay shoppers as they bid. Users of this free service collect a few names of the eBay shoppers they bid against, enter them into the AuctionShadow account they create, and watch for results. AuctionShadow helps the user collect and organize eBay IDs to deliver search results tailored to the user's auction tastes. Alert messages are emailed to the user whenever saved ShadowSearches find results. Duplicate results are filtered out for efficient viewing. The AuctionShadow search engine multiplies a single user's searches, into the searches of many.

AuctionShadow's "Security Services" provide an added measure of confidence when bidding on eBay with exclusive safety checks. For example, AuctionShadow goes beyond finding the seller's feedback. It tells the user how diverse the feedback is so the user will know how many unique buyers provided feedback to the seller. AuctionShadow also warns the user if the seller changes the content of his listings frequently, editing any of the details of his auctions in the middle of their run. These are two examples of security checks performed by AuctionShadow which are not offered on eBay, or anywhere else.

In addition to the ShadowSearch function, the more standard keyword search on AuctionShadow allows the user to do all his searching from this one service. Searches can be set to deliver auctions ending soon, and/or auctions with no bids. The user may find these auctions to be a bargain. And the Typo/Misspell search filter finds only auctions where the keywords are misspelled. An AuctionShadow keyword search of Abercrombie & Fitch or Harley Davidson, with the Typo filter enabled, produces interesting results. Many of the auctions found will have few bids because they would not have been found with a typical keyword search on eBay. This is a unique source for users looking to resell items on eBay.

Jason Brown, primary developer of the AuctionShadow application says, "ShadowSearch lets you create your personal army of eBay searchers, and they donít even know it. This gives our users a competitive advantage. And the Security Services go beyond eBay's feedback ranking, and make you more certain you are going to have a good experience when you win an auction."

AuctionShadow uses published information available through eBay to produce its ShadowSearch and Security Service results. is a free service to the user. AuctionShadow is an eBay Certified Developer and Affiliate. is a service of Abercrombie Online, LLC of Delaware, a privately held company not associated with Abercrombie & Fitch or eBay. For additional information go to or address enquiries to