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June 29, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
July 21st, 2005—
Brad Slinkard, President and CEO of Wings of Eagles, Ent is an 8-year Internet marketing veteran in his own right. Recently, Brad has partnered with renowned Lead Generation Specialist, Joseph Parton, who is the CEO/Founder and Architect of My Success University to combat the 98% failure rate that faces those starting a new home based business today. Since many companies are downsizing and outsourcing their jobs to other countries, more and more people are trying the home business realm. People are coming to various opportunities to supplement the income that they are no longer able to generate.

People are coming in droves to the home business realm and coming to the tune of a new business starting up every 11 seconds. The home business realm is a $400+ billion dollar industry each year but the problem with home business is that almost 98% of these people fail due to lack of valuable training and support. People get involved in something with a hyped up recruiting tactic. When they get in, they find the training is not as valuable as they had hoped and their “excited” sponsor is not always there when the questions arise. The “attrition” factor, so commonly prevalent in home business, takes it toll.

Brad Slinkard, also known online to his colleagues as the MSU Master Marketer, has been, and is currently being, mentored by some of the Internets elite high-six and seven figure income earners and now working personally with Joseph Parton. Brad, with the My Success University System, is teaching people all over the globe and from all walks of life how to take advantage of the powerful vehicle we call the internet. This system teaches anyone how to turn that 98% failure rate into a 98% success rate. How can a system of this magnitude, with all the information included, be able to turn around 98% of the failure rate? It does it by giving up cutting edge strategies, tips, techniques and tools used today by the Internets top money earners, things that most of them won’t share with you, unless you pay them $50,000.00 to come and teach a seminar at a “pep rally” gathering. Strategies like ‘portfolio marketing’, ‘how-to automate almost every aspect of your business’, ‘how-to generate an unlimited supply of targeted leads’ for whatever product and/or service you have to offer. The biggest thing is ‘name branding’. All of this plus many other aspects of marketing is included.

One of the most important and notable aspects to the My Success University System is that you only pay once for a membership for life. That means that no matter how many additions and improvements are made, you will always have access to the most updated, cutting edge course material. The reason this is important is that, as Joseph puts it, “Internet marketing trends are constantly changing and in order for this course to continue to offer the tremendous value that it has, it needs to be consistently updated to keep pace with those trend shifts”. Another feature that sets this system apart is that you have access to your own personal mentor/coach to guide you every step of the way for as long as you need them. No longer are you left in the “Dark” and your mentor will be available to help you because each mentor has a “passion” to help you succeed instilled in them by Joseph Parton as he has a massive passion to see ALL succeed.

“Joseph has been my internet ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and he has truly shown me the way to effectively market myself and my programs to the point where people are contacting me daily”, says Slinkard. Further, My Success University has been put together in such a way that even a novice, with regard to technology and the Internet, can become a highly successful home based business entrepreneur, of course, those with a better command in those areas will most likely achieve even faster and greater success.

It is much easier and obviously faster to succeed on the Internet when you have all the pieces to the puzzle and now those pieces have been made available in the My Success University Marketing System. The old cliché` “who made more money during the 1849 gold rush, the prospectors or the one’s who had the tools to sell to the prospectors?” The tools is where the money is made and My Success University has ALL the tools you will need to be a success.

To view an online presentation of the My Success University Marketing System, please visit: http://www.themastermarketer.info.