Teenager Uploads Billionth ‘Funny’ Video to Web

November 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
San Francisco, CA November 20, 2007 - Michael Farlington uploaded me_and_jimmy_freakout.mov to the video sharing website, YouTube, this afternoon making it the one billionth homemade, comedic video published online. Farlington, 14, planned, recorded and published the opus with fellow budding filmmaker James D’Amico, 13 earlier in the day. “It’s kinda funny, I guess” said Farlington from his parents’ home, “It’s just me and Jimmy hopping around in front of Dad’s webcam.”

Questioned Farlington: “Did you see the part when Jimmy fell down?”

Whether me_and_jimmy_freakout.mov ultimately joins the ranks of such web comedy classics as PullmyFingerMom.wmv, or bouncing_cat_balls.asf, only time will tell. Nevertheless, Farlington’s web upload represents what some see is a paradigm shift in comedy creation and consumption. Consumer-Related Amateur Publishing (C.R.A.P.) researcher, Dr. Sachin Darji, explains: “Everyone thinks they have a great sense of humor. Now, thanks to such video sharing websites as DumbAssMovies.com, anyone with a handicam, a sleeping grandmother and a starter pistol can prove they do.”

With dozens of websites focused on homemade comedic videos, some believe the public will never tire of watching skateboard mishaps, dogs stuck in toilets or men taking agonizing hits to the groin.

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“RooftopComedy: Funnier than YouTube!”
-CNET, September 2006