UK Online PR Agency C&M Believes 'Old School PR' is Dead for Small to Medium Sized Companies

November 21, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
Online PR Agency Content & Motion got all hot under the collar today with a new 'Think Piece' that suggests that 'Old School PR' is a waste of money for companies of a certain shape and size – those in the 'small to medium' bracket.

The piece looks at the basic social economics of the Old PR business model, and states that "Traditional PR no longer works as a revenue and brand building exercise for small to mid-sized companies with a limited profile and budget…. even if they have great ideas, products and services. The reason for this because the traditional PR game doesn't scale very well."

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It's controversial stuff – and a recommended read for anyone in the PR business or those companies who are evaluating their PR spend. The basic premise is that if a traditional PR agency has "X number of clients (and more, if it's a good agency), then every day it will make decisions that enhance its core assets (its media relationships) at the expense of some of its clients interests." …and goes on to reason that Online PR delivers far more value and less risk when it comes to generating brand awareness and quality web site traffic.

Says author of the piece and C&M founder, Roger Warner: "our intention isn't to rubbish 'old PR.' But in many cases 'old PR' simply won't work for small to mid-sized companies because the cards are stacked against them. We're biased of course, but, nine times out of ten, if you're looking to drive awareness, sales, signups and general web site traffic, then our advice is to check out Online PR first."

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About Online PR Agency, Content & Motion

C&M is an Online PR agency that excels at Content Creation, Content Optimisation, and SEO. We use a variety of groovy web marketing techniques to help you win new friends and influence people. The company was founded in mid-2008 by Roger Warner – web marketing junkie, ex-director of PR at IBM Europe, and personality type D.

The company works on the partnership model of all great consultancies, meaning that ownership is shared, staff are obsessive, brains and egos are large, and attention spans are notoriously focused. Fortunately this is good news for our clients, who tend to benefit from consolidated bouts of outrageously good service and smart thinking and execution.

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