Punch Outlines some Simple Online PR Techniques for Promoting Events

March 11, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
Promoting an event using online PR does not need to be difficult, and even a few simple techniques can lead to surprisingly good results, according to online PR agency Punch Communications.

Promoting an event successfully involves establishing credibility, generating good media coverage and creating a buzz, all of which can be achieved through online PR.

More people are likely to be interested in an event if the company promoting it has a good reputation. This process begins with the generation of high-quality content, a factor at the heart of any online PR campaign. Whether this content appears on the company blog, website, social media profiles or elsewhere online, it is the first stage when enhancing the reputation of a company.

Punch also recommends search-optimised press releases as a useful tool when publicising an event. Online press release distribution services abound on the internet, and a carefully-crafted, keyword-optimised press release, or even better two or three all taking a slightly different angle on the event, is a simple and cost-effective technique that can help to spread the message far and wide in order to generate interest.

Making use of industry bloggers is another technique that can be used to spread the word about an event. By offering to guest post for business blogs in a particular industry or geographical area relevant to the event, companies can not only extend their reach to new audiences, but can also help to establish themselves as a credible voice in the industry.

As well as the above techniques, Punch recommends taking advantage of the power of social media when promoting an event. Pete Goold, the Managing Director of Social Media Agency Punch, claims that this is one of the most important factors of all:

"There are endless ways to promote an event by harnessing the power of social media. Twitter and Facebook are great places to start, whether the event is publicised through a Facebook Page or tweets which point followers back to the event landing page. For corporate events LinkedIn can also be a terrific promotional platform."

He added: "Although social media can be used to promote an event using online PR, companies might still find it difficult to promote an event successfully without specialist help. That's where a dedicated online PR Agency can come in handy, by improving the chances that an event will attract the attention it deserves."

Punch Communications helps companies to promote events online using a combination of social media, traditional and SEO PR. For more information on any of these areas contact Punch on 01858 411 600.