Tampa Producers Celebrate One Year of Running Two Big Mouths for Podcast

June 02, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
TAMPA, Florida June 2, 2011 TwoBigMouths.com is a satirical news podcast performed by two real life drinking buddies with lots of opinions and little in common. In 2010, Dennis Pavluk (WFLA 970 News Reporter) was calling in his onsite report for Tampa's Gasparilla celebration while his long-time friend, Gia Porras (Writer/Producer 3Coins Productions), stood in the background mocking him. That dialogue later manifested into a one-hour talk show format hosted by the two friends.

"We just have a natural back and forth; two people with completely different beliefs systems, discussing random things going on in the world. There is a ton of commentary out there slanted one way or the other, we offer equal big mouth opportunity," says Porras known as Gia Maria on the show.

The Two Big Mouths podcast covers its own brand of Usually Hard and Seriously Soft News, highlighting off-beat world and celebrity news, as well as independent music, movie reviews and call-in segments by Really Random Reporters.

"It's just what it sounds like a report from anyone, from anywhere, about anything. We've had reports from people such as 2010's Grand Prix Winner Will Power, to representatives of national charities, to a local yoga instructor talking about watching the entire royal wedding broadcast with her mom. Anyone with something to share can be on our show," says Pavluk.

As far as their different points of view, the hosts admit that they still butt heads as much as ever.
"It's not that I don't respect Dennis's right to his opinions, it's just that I think they're dumb," says Porras.

The podcast, which is recorded weekly at Clear Channel Studios in Tampa, has spread across digital outlets and can be found on podcast pages for WFLA in Tampa and Tallahassee, as well iTunes and at least fifteen other feeds. It is also streamed Friday evenings on www.talksuperstation.com, and is available on its home page www.twobigmouths.com.

The concept is independently produced by Pavluk, Porras and Allen Berrebbi of 3Coins Productions who is also the Mad Movie Reviewer for the show.

"Few people take the initiative to create something on their own, but very few stick with it for 52 shows and continue to grow. I'm proud of that, and of course the fact Gia and I are still speaking." says Pavluk.

The producers will celebrate their one year anniversary with a live-taping in the studio theater at the Clear Channel radio complex on Gandy Boulevard on Friday June 3rd 2011 at 7:00pm. Friends of the show and members of the media are welcome. Attendees should anticipate special live appearances, moderate verbal conflict and cake. Please contact below for event entree.

Two Big Mouths:

Gia Porras: 813.404.2561

Website: www.twobigmouths.com