HoyEnTec Announces Release of New Spanish Technology-Based Website

June 17, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
HoyEnTec is pleased to announce the opening of their new user-friendly technology and social media news website. Tech expert Ruben Orozco created the website after he noticed a lack of technology-based websites geared towards the growing Spanish community.

The goal of the website is to keep readers up-to-date with the latest news and information in the social media and technology industry. This goal is achieved by putting all the new stories, blogs, and reviews in an easy-to-use format that both engages and informs the audience. The site carries a wide selection of topics, making it perfect for anyone with an interest in technology or social media. In addition to their website, HoyEnTec maintains active Facebook and Twitter accounts that provide the opportunity for the community to get connected through comments and blogs. They also encourage their readers to provide valuable information about new products and websites and display a variety of guest bloggers.

The website itself is divided into five separate sections, including Social Media, Tech Companies, Learning Tech, Parents in Tech, and Video Games. Each section is designed to quickly and efficiently give the reader access to the specific information they are looking for. The Social Media section includes all the news for the three major social media networks: Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. Readers will learn how to use social media more effectively and be alerted to any upcoming changes within the social media networks. This website also takes a close look at the top three technology companies, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Viewers will have access to product reviews of the latest gadgets, apps, and other tech products, as well as learn all the latest news in the tech industry. For those who want to learn the tips and tricks to all the newest high-tech products, apps, and social media, the Learning Tech section is perfect. It guides readers through some of the main features of various high-tech products. The Parents in Tech section is designed to help families keep their online activities safe from hackers and online predators and give tech tips to parents and people new to technology and social media. HoyEnTec is a must-read for all gamers and app lovers as it provides news of current and up-coming games. This website also will have news on the top Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Phone apps and games.

Key facts:

  • All the latest news in the technology and social media field
  • Geared specifically toward the Spanish community
  • News about the top three tech companies: Google, Apple, and Microsoft
  • Help setting up and maintaining Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts
  • Gaming news for all the top games
  • Tips for keeping your online information secure
  • Help learning all the new techno tricks

  • About HoyEnTec:
    HoyEnTec is a top-rate technology and social media news website. It was developed by Ruben Orozco, a technology expert who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Orozco is also the founder of two other popular websites, including TweetFind.com and TweetFindTools.com. The website was designed specifically to meet the need to provide high-quality content and information within the technology and social media industry to those in the Spanish community.