First Five Startups to Apply to Startup Accelerator Seed Sumo Will Receive Special Perk

February 11, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
COLLEGE STATION, TX Applications have officially opened at Seed Sumo, an international startup accelerator, and the first five startups that apply each day will receive valuable feedback from Seed Sumo's top gurus. At the closing of the application process, Seed Sumo will select up to 10 startups and has increased its previous year's overall program funding from $30,000 to $50,000.

Seed Sumo is a three-month startup accelerator program starting May 20th, 2015, which includes intensive mentoring, business model design, and a twist on demo day for investors.

To receive feedback from top advisers is an essential perk to startups, especially in advance, so that founders can make any changes or enhancements to their idea.

Seed Sumo believes that feedback is a way to challenge parts of the business that entrepreneurs may have overlooked while also challenging them to have different perspectives.

Unfortunately, many founders get overly excited about their idea and forget to consider other serious factors. As seen in a recent idea pitch about a hovercraft umbrella, the idea seemed intriguing; however, they overlooked some problem areas, such as where to store it once the user enters a building, or how will it withstand extreme weather conditions like wind? Essential feedback like this can bring in added insight to the idea that can potentially help the idea.

Also, many founders have a biased opinion towards their own idea, believing their "baby" to be perfect. Founders may also look to other outsiders for their opinion, but some may be too scared to tell their honest opinion. However, the team at Seed Sumo is not scared to tell you like it is.

The gurus at Seed Sumo are here to challenge founders to have different perspectives with hope of having success. By giving honest feedback, Seed Sumo wants each founder to have an incentive to try early and fix early, thus making changes before things get too costly down the road.

Even though feedback is a source of constructive criticism, it is also a source of validation. Validation for founders is extremely valuable because not everyone gets it, and it also reassures founders that their idea is original and on the right track.

Applications for this year's accelerator program can be submitted now through March 22, 2015. To apply, visit

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