What is the Value of a US Green Card: Is it a Million Dollars?

April 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
Mohan Babu, a legal permanent resident (Green Card holder) has a challenge for Americans debating immigration: what would you pay to have ONE immigrant less in America?

He has created a website (www.millionformygreencard.com) that asks the simple query: Do you hate Immigrants?

Mohan in the website says “I get frustrated seeing Lou Dobbs and others in the media focus on ‘evils of immigration.’ Hence this challenge to Americans: Put your money where your mouth is. Pay a million dollars and I will relinquish my right to Permanent Residency.”

“I am a lawful taxpaying permanent resident and hopefully a future citizen of the United States. I had made a commitment as a permanent resident to uphold my residency. I had made that commitment because I feel America is my home. As a permanent resident I can not leave the United States for extended periods and still become U.S. citizen. But I have also made a commitment to my wife.” Mohan says Mohan asks “Would you live and work in another country away from your wife for over five years waiting and hoping that someday she could join you?

I filed an I-130 application with the Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The current wait time for such applications is over 5.5 years. Why are LEGAL immigrants forced to live in separation from our wives/husbands for up to five years?”

I have repeatedly written to my lawmakers and to the media with little
response. I am also Chairman of UniteFamilies.org, a grassroots group unsuccessfully trying to lobby the U.S. Congress because of the little political clout.

Mohan can be contacted on his website http://www.millionformygreencard.com/
or by email for interviews webmaster@ millionformygreencard.com