MMORPG Currency Seller Interviews Revealed – A Look Behind the Scenes of the RMT Market

June 08, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
Chengdu, June 08, a price comparison site for online game currencies interviewed some of the best known MMORPG currency sellers. From a mom and pap shop to one of the oldest and largest sellers it portraits the diversified players in the market, their way of doing business and how they got there in the first place. All interviews are now available at

"The idea was to give players an insight who the people are that run this kind of business" explains Sam Wu Xing, Content Manager at The site hand-picked different operators from shops that only recently came to popularity, to vendors that are feeling the weight of increasing competition and others that now try to conquer the market with whole new concepts. Wu Xing adds that "from former traders of collectibles to retired consultants and new and coming young entrepreneurs you find everything, it's like a virtual Wild West. Or the Internet in 1996".

Highlights of the unique insight of the MMOBUX interviews include a look behind the way a US-based mom and pap business can work in a market that is dominated by low-cost Chinese provider. With recent new reports about low wages and bad working conditions in the industry this example shows that it doesn't have to be like that.

That money in games can be serious business becomes clear when hearing that even the Make-A-Wish foundation got involved to grant one gamer his ultimate wish. Bob from GamingTreasures much better known under the name of its oldest site, UOTreasures - is one of the longest standing sellers of virtual items and currency in the market. He shares this story and explains the world of high volume currency providers.

The complete interviews can be accessed on the forums at where users also have the chance to add their own questions and comments. This batch of interviews was the first in a series planned by MMOBUX. Further question and answer sessions are planned for the coming weeks.

MMOBUX compares the prices of more than 100 sellers who provide game currency for more than 20 MMORPGs on its website Featuring seller profiles and reviews, a discussion board and reports on the real-money trading (RMT) market it aims to provide a one-stop solution for buyers sellers and researchers of game currencies. The Chengdu-based company launched its site in April 2007.