WGPN launches content distribution services and acquires digital photobanks

June 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
WGPN, an online consulting, software development and management company, announced today that they are launching new content distribution services, as well as acquiring several large digital photography database owners.

Vancouver-based WGPN is a long-term player in the field of internet consulting and online software development, serving Canadian and US companies and individuals, in addition to international clients. ‘We have decided to enrich our existing offering by launching new integrated content-providing services and a broadening of our existing online payment solutions for products and services offered within the WGPN distribution network. “Accompanying this launch, we are acquiring several large online picture databases,“ says Michel Barnes, the head of Product Development at WGPN.

New online payment services will be initially launched in a beta phase with a select handful of clients, facilitating distribution and payments for products and services offered through the newly-acquired website.

The new photo bank acquired by WPGN will be hosted at http://www.photobank4u.com. WGPN content distribution services will consider accepting third party content as well. The new online content distribution services will be first launched in a beta phase with a handful of clients, offering products and services such as lifetime and time-limited software licenses, and purchase of rights to use digital photos for web professionals. Other products and services are planned for the next phase, such as ringtones, mobile pictures and video, and other mobile-oriented products and services.

The system is easy to manage and allows for seamless, on-the-fly integration of new features, products and services into one tailored solution, designed and implemented individually for each client.

The WGPN payment process is very easy to understand and use both for customers and content providers. When customers want to buy content from a provider, they are not required to disclose their credit card or other sensitive personal information to each individual provider. Rather, they purchase a code (available in specific dollar values) from WGPN and use it for purchase in the content provider’s store. The store instantly checks the validity and value of this code with WGPN and the sale is approved immediately. The money transaction is settled at regular frequencies between the provider and WGPN.

The entire process normally takes less than 5 seconds for the customer to fill in the code and get their sale approved. No more long waiting times online for a credit card transaction approval, no more laborious cc info forms to be filled out each time online. The customer enters their billing info once with WGPN, and after being approved, they can purchase new codes as often as desired. It’s as easy and straightforward as an electronic gift certificate. Current code values available are $10, $25, $50, $100, $200.