New Desktop Snooper Software Help Parents Monitor Kid’s Activities

June 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
June 2007 (Atlanta, GA)- - - Desktop Snooper is now available for parents and concerned citizens who want to monitor their children’s internet activities, just in time for the Summer break when kids will have more time on their hands to surf the internet.

In response to recent news reports and investigations concerning internet predators, local businessman and parent Demetrius Hubert has secured a licensing agreement to market and sell the software. Desktop Snooper is a cutting edge computer program that allows you to track actions on any computer, record the activity, and store it on that computer. Once the recording is done, the pictures of sites visited can be viewed at anytime.
“Like everyone else I was very upset with the recent investigations on internet predators,” said Demetrius Hubert, who has 2 children. “Those investigations helped to bring this issue to the forefront but when those investigations end, there are still hundreds, if not millions, of predators out there trying to interact with our children online. It’s time parents do more than rely on law enforcement or Dateline NBC to save our children. We have to take an active role in this, not a passive one.”

Desktop Snooper takes pictures and records every email sent and received, every instant message and every website visited, in addition to Aol, Yahoo and ICQ chat and email activity. Desktop Snooper also captures passwords entered on members’ only/pay websites and even decodes the encrypted entries to obtain the entire user ID and password.
“This is more than about parents trying to spy on their kids,” adds Hubert. “In fact, I see nothing wrong with letting your kids know you have installed this software. The end result will hopefully be more aware children and parents, both who can report inappropriate internet behavior to local authorities.”

For a limited time only, the Desktop Hunter software is available for $49.99 by visiting For more information, visit the web site or contact Demetrius Hubert at 678-858-2205.

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