Over 50% of 16 – 24 Year Olds Embrace Smoking Ban

June 29, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
The forthcoming smoking ban is a positive social step according to many of the 320,000 users of UK social networking website PPLparty.com. 53% of respondents in a site poll indicated that the ban was a good idea, with only 40% thinking it was negative and 7% indifferent.

The poll, which ran on the site throughout June, canvassed the opinions of thousands of people on site and revealed that the subject is a hot topic amongst young people, with almost 90% (88.5%) of respondents aware of the forthcoming changes.

Whilst opinion is clearly divided regarding the subject, the strength of opinion was clear on both sides of the debate. Around 13% of respondents said they were in the process of trying to quit as a direct result of the ban. 46.2% of smokers were indifferent and 44% claimed that it would make no difference to them whatsoever.

A significant number felt that the ban was too sweeping and that people ought to be able to smoke in bars and clubs (46%), with comments such as:
In my opinion, when people smoke in clubs and bars they go there to unwind from a hard week at work or to unwind from stress to enjoy themselves. I think it is good in ways but there should be some non smoking places and smoking places like it is now. Stewart, 20
I think the smoking ban is a good idea but people like to have a cigarette whilst drinking so i think u should b able 2 smoke in bars and pubs and nightclubs. Kirsty, 17
It should only be banned in places where people eat. Like cafes and pubs that serve food. Dannielle, 18
The smoking ban in clubs is really stupid. In restaurants its understandable - but come on, where are we meant to smoke?! Georgie, 16

Whilst opinion is clearly divided regarding the subject, the strength of opinion was clear on both sides of the debate:

For The Ban
Its a good idea, Why should non smokers like myself have to put up with second hand smoke. Helen,16

Its a great idea because more people die from passive smoking than smoking so the ban will cut those deaths. Chelsea, 17
I think it is well evil for the people who do have the smoking problem to have to stand outside to get there daily dosage of nicotine! Bernadette, 18
Smokers don't realise what harm they are doing to people. There just selfish. Also i think they might realise how much it smells and irritates people. Jamie, 16
I don't smoke myself, and i hate to smell it, especially when I'm eating or socialising in a bar or club. The ban will hopefully make people a lot healthier =] Steph, 18
I think it is a good idea, Im a smoker and I hate being in bars and clubs where its really smokey so god knows how a non-smoker feels. Becky, 18
Im glad its happening because its giving me the push i need to quit smoking, and i think it will do the same for others. Tyler, 17

Against The Ban
I think the smoking ban is pretty pathetic really! Whats the point in limiting it even more! loren, 17
I won't be going to ANY bars after 1st July, unless they have a beer garden. anon

Calum Brannan commented on the research:
Our users were as opinionated as ever on the issue, which was really interesting as opinion was so clearly divided. The ban has completely polarised points of view with some people claiming that its outrageous and others that its an idea which is well overdue. This research has certainly highlighted that many young smokers dont mind the ban in general but feel that it may well change the atmosphere in nightclubs and other venues. Clearly well know whether this is true or not within a matterof days.

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