Flash Drive Direct hires long-time promotional products expert, John Graham, to head their North American Division.

July 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
ETC (Eco Tech Certified) Flash Drive Direct announces it has hired long-time promotional products expert John Graham to run its North American operations. John Graham has nearly 15 years of experience in the promotional products industry. He is a member of PPAI and ASI and has written numerous articles for many promo and marketing magazines. He has dealt with all of the major players in the ad specialty industry including Corporate Express, Image Seller and many others.

Flash Drive Direct http://www.Flashdrivedirect.com is touted as one of the leaders in the field of USB innovation and in particular Flash Drive technology. Flash Drive Direct is ETC certified giving it an ECO-Friendly designation. The designations comes about as a result of new technology that shows that the use of Flash Drive Direct USB drives provide an enormous savings of energy used in both the manufacture and power used to encrypt data on the drive versus the power used in writeable CD technology.

Graham goes on to explain “ We all think of eco-friendly as picking up trash and reducing our use of natural resources. What we don’t think about is the use of energy and how that affects the environment. When a Flash Drive is constructed it consumes about the same amount of energy and petrochemicals than it takes to produce a writeable CD. However, a writeable CD (over 1 billion sold in North America last year alone) takes enormous amounts of energy to burn the info onto the disc. Multiply this use of energy (energy produced by coal, natural gas or hydro electricity) by the thousands of CDs that a business might use in the course of a year and your energy consumption skyrockets. On the other hand the near Zero energy used to transfer information onto a Flash Drive is almost undetectable.”

“Flash Drive Direct is the only company with the Eco-Tech certification for their Flash Drives as far as I know“ states Graham. “FDD wants to be known not only for its fashion forward design styles but also for its environmental strategy, I think they have achieved that and more!”

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