Wireless Network Capacity Not Utilized Results in Wasted Technology and Untapped Revenue

July 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
Frisco, TX – As the wireless network continues to evolve, a large percentage of network capacity still remains under utilized reports Cerion Optimization Services. Not only do North American wireless carriers lose in excess of $3 billion through untapped revenues each year, but technology that could be used to provide additional or enhanced services to meet end users needs and increased traffic demand goes untapped.

“Traffic demand in mobile networks moves around, while the capacity of the network to support this demand remains fixed. Not only do wireless carriers need to build surplus capacity to manage end users needs, but to handle this increase in traffic demand that is creating bottlenecks in the wireless network,” said Dr. Will Egner, PhD, Vice President and Founder of Cerion Optimization Services. “By recovering stranded investments in non-utilized technology, wireless carriers can quickly handle the increase in traffic, provide new or enhanced services without rehoming, and recoup hidden revenues driving up their bottomline.”

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About Cerion Optimization Services
Cerion Optimization Services (www.cerioninc.com) helps wireless carriers locate and harvest stranded investments, releasing hidden capital by conducting a deep analysis of actual demand, network mobility and network configurations, and then applying a sophisticated process that utilizes patented methodologies and algorithms to deliver findings with a better correlation between demand and capacity. Based on those findings, wireless carriers can recover hidden revenue and save capital by not purchasing additional technology. Since its inception, Cerion has recovered more than $150 million for wireless carriers worldwide.