An Entirely New Use for Your Ipod, MP3 Player, Smart Phone and Computer

July 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
With the exciting launch of Leisure Audio Books (LAB), the entire Audio Book industry is about to explode with a whole new spectrum of listening device options.

Until now, audio books have been generally relegated to a small area in the back of some bookstores. Non-competitive pricing and lack of availability have thwarted any real impact in the mainstream audience — except for special interest groups, such as the blind — and despite a general lessening of free time for the average reader.

But with the launch of Leisure Audio Books on June 19, 2007, all that is about to change.

One of the key innovations that Leisure Audio Books offers is the end-user's ability to download any of its 6900+ titles instantly onto an Ipod, MP3 Player, the new smart cell phones and, of course, CD. Priced competitively with the only other major online source,, coupled with its ability to offer this level of versatility ensures that audio books have finally arrived as a major new alternative to entertainment on the go.

In our hectic world where finding time for the solitary pleasure of reading has become difficult, if not impossible, audio books have always been touted as a solution. Yet, between compatibility issues and pricing considerations, audio books never answered that need as expected. But now, LAB has found viable, affordable solutions to each of these problems, opening the gate for audio books to take their place in the mainstream.

And, though Ipods and MP3 players already seem ubiquitious, their influence may well spread even further, to an entirely new market that (gasp!) doesn't care to listen to music 24/7 but would enjoy hearing a new audio book while they commute to work or as they garden or at any number of times in their busy lives.

With this new option open to them, whole demographics such as senior citizens, working and non-working moms, as well as mainstream America will now have reason to buy an Ipod when they never did before.

Because Leisure Audio Books is an internet-based company with an attractive and well organized affiliate program available, too, it is easy to foresee a virtual explosion of audio book sales in the coming months, especially with many of the industry's top marketers already signed up to lead the assault.

So if you thought you would never have good cause to buy an Ipod, think again. With the sudden availability — and affordability — of audio books, that may well change. And if you already have an Ipod, now you have a whole new reason to listen.

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