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August 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
Sheffield-based Public Relations agency BeyondPR has recently launched an e-PR service aimed at improving your company’s SEO (search engine optimisation), to raise the profile of your business on the web and generate new business online. Over a period of months, BeyondPR can improve your Google ratings and help people find your products and services through the unsponsored links on the left hand side of Google.

”Some businesses spend a fortune on pay-per-click advertising. Even if it works in getting you up the rankings and generating leads, people always know that they are being sold something. This has always been the difference with PR; it has more credibility because it is being reported by trusted third party sources,” says Jon Gardner, founder and managing director of BeyondPR.

BeyondPR’s ePR service doesn’t cost a fortune and can have a surprisingly fast effect. One of BeyondPR’s clients recently received several new business sign-ups in one day because of a press release that achieved blanket exposure on the internet. The new business is worth thousands of pounds to the client.

Jon Gardner adds: “These days, when the Internet is becoming the lifeblood of many businesses, an online PR offering is becoming equally as important as traditional PR methods. We’re not about to switch off our traditional PR business, as traditional media is still top dog in terms of credibility and helping to shape perceptions. The e-PR service is a service add-on, rather than a substitute for traditional PR.”

Online PR is becoming a must for any modern business that relies on the web for enquiries and new business leads. For clients, the easier they can be found online, the more successful their business will be. BeyondPR is dedicated to improve its clients’ SEO and to generate valuable online exposure through the latest ePR techniques. “We have been developing an ePR offering for some months now and are ready to bring it to market. Existing clients are already benefiting from some of our ePR techniques as part of their standard PR service, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future as a thank you for placing their business with us, ” concludes Jon Gardner.

Ed Stemp, new media director for Atomic Design and , said: “Within just a few weeks of commencing an e-PR campaign with BeyondPR, visits to our website increased and we have several new sign-ups to our new MailCentral e-newsletter service that can be specifically tracked back to ePR activity. As a business that exists and thrives almost entirely because of the internet, we are now tuned in to ePR and can see long term benefits in harnessing it for our business.”

BeyondPR, operating since 2002 in Sheffield, has a range of consumer and B2B clients and offers both traditional and electronic PR and marcomms services. For further information on BeyondPR, visit


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