Martial Artist Demonstrates Easy-to-Learn Mechanics and Techniques of Ballistic Striking

August 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
London, UK – August 14, 2007 – Former KGB operative and Russian Special Forces member, Val Riazanov, demonstrates the mechanics and basic techniques of Ballistic Striking in his new DVD Ballistic Striking 1.

Ballistic Striking combines Russian Combat Samba with the Russian Martial Art, Systema. In Ballistic Striking 1, Riazanov demonstrates the mechanics, basic techniques, maximum force, and movement and striking.

“The average person can quickly and effectively learn the mechanics of ballistic striking, and use it anytime they need to defend themselves or a loved one,” said Riazanov. “No longer will this person have to fear that they can’t be safe in any situation that they are faced with.”

Through his KGB, Special Forces and martial arts training in Russian Combat Samba, Judo and Systema, Riazanov has become an expert in the “the psychology of confrontation” which he uses to teach ballistic striking.

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