Zacuto Announces New Learn Page Illustrating HD Video Camera Packages

August 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
Zacuto, a leading provider of HD video camera accessories is announcing the publishing of its revamped ‘learn’ page on the Zacuto website. The site shows Zacuto’s unique custom camera packages that are offered by Zacuto, and allows visitors to see and learn more about the various components that make up these unique packages.

The camera packages are presented both set up on a tripod and handheld with all of their components, as well as in their cases so visitors can get an idea of how everything fits together. It also details Zacuto’s new Z-LWS and Z-Release System, both recently released at NAB, as well as Zacuto’s various new handgrips.

“Zacuto’s learn page is expected to be an indispensable tool for visitors looking to learn about Zacuto custom camera packages and their components, and will help Zacuto determine the best camera package to fit their individual customer’s needs,” said Steve Weiss, Sales, Zacuto.

The learn page includes the following Zacuto camera packages;

Lightweight Gunstock Shooter

Canon XH-A1 Docu Package

Panasonic HVX200 Studio

Panasonic HVX200 Studio Handheld package

Panasonic HVX200 Depth of Field Adapter

Canon XL-H1

JVC GY-HD200 GY-HD250 Studio package

Panasonic AG-HPX500 Docu Plus package

Zamerican arms

Zacuto Newsman package

RedRock M2 package

Zacuto DOF depth of field adapter case

Canon XL-H1 & JVC GY-HD200 GY-HD250 foam case insert

HPX500 foam case insert

Silicon Imaging SI-2K camera configurations

Zacuto Learn Page:

Lifetime Warranty:
All Zacuto brand products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Zacuto offers custom HD video camera packages and accessories for sale and rent. carries the latest technology in HD 24p cameras and specializes in its all inclusive camera packages and accessories featuring the Zacuto USA brand.

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