Working With Cultural Differences in a Globalized World

September 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Media News
Dana Point (California): "Cultural differences are a given. No amount of training can even it out," said Debjani Deb, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of EmPower Research, LLC while delivering a talk on ‘Impact of Globalization’ at the prestigious three-day conference organized by the Arthur W. Page Society on Monday, September 17, 2007.

The Arthur W. Page Society is a professional association for senior public relations and corporate communications executives who seek to enrich and strengthen their profession. The theme of this year's event, "Manage for Tomorrow: Corporate Communications in a Changing World," began with participants examining the future of the profession through the lens of changes in the global business environment. The conference looked at issues such as globalization, the digital network revolution, and the impact of stakeholder empowerment on corporations. In the context of these changes and challenges, it explored the skills and priorities required of the Chief Communications Officer — today and in the future.

Deb said, "You can train as much as you want, but at some point you have to recognize the difference and realize that it can work." Deb gave an overview of off-shoring and the challenges that outsourcing brings. She also shared how she dealt with the backlash over off-shoring that she faced as a business owner, professional communicator and strategist. Deb traced the history of outsourcing to the '80s with companies aspiring to extend their manufacturing footprint, driven by the prospect of lower costs and cheaper labor. In the early '90s, the movement was led by the growing buying power of the consumers in India and China. The next phase in the outsourcing evolution that took place was in the late '90s and the early 2000s. The movement was led by the telecom revolution, which brought the worlds closer together. Today, outsourcing is driven by cost arbitrage and the growing gap in availability of resources in the U.S. and the availability of those resources elsewhere.

When Deb founded EmPower Research, a business research and information-consulting firm, she saw the opportunity to provide clients with communications knowledge and services at a competitive price. Her company provides, for example, 24-hour media monitoring and analysis services. According to Deb, off-shoring does add complexity and raises many issues that must be addressed. It is critical for communicators to understand the ramifications of off-shoring and prepare for and cater to the novel communications needs that arise out of this relatively new phenomenon.

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