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    1 press release for $99

    1 press release $99

    Includes all PRLeap distribution and features. No ads, ever.

  • Monthly Plans

    2 press releases per month for $129/month

    2 press release a month $129

    Pay 35% less per press release vs. the standard price. This plan also includes Rollover.
    Additional releases: $79

  • Annual Plans

    12 press releases for $699

    12 press releases all at once $699

    Buy in advance and save. Pay 41% less per press release vs the standard price. This plan also includes Rollover.
    Additional releases: $79

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All PRLeap Press Releases include:

  • Search Engine Visibility
  • News Search Engine Distribution
  • Guaranteed Full-Text Syndication
  • Next Day Distribution
  • Social Sharing and Follow buttons
  • Press Release SEO
  • Links with Anchor Text
  • Analytics Report
  • Media Gallery for Photos and Videos
  • Attachments: PDF and MP3 Files
  • 2,500 Word Limit
  • Editorial Review w/Feedback
  • Hosting
  • Email Support

Monthly and Annual plans include:

Rollover - The ability to rollover up to 6 unused credits at a time for as long as your plan is active.

PRLeap Pro Membership Plan Questions

  • Can I cancel my PRLeap Pro membership plan at any time?

    Yes. PRLeap Pro membership plans are month-to-month or yearly. We make it simple to start--and stop--your service at any time.

    What happens if I go over my membership plan?

    If you go over the number of credits that are included with your PRLeap Pro membership plan, then you can buy press release a la carte at the discounted rate.

    Do you offer bigger membership plans?

    You came to the right place! Contact us to discuss Agency plans.

  • If I cancel my membership, will I lose access to the press releases in my account?

    No, when you choose to cancel your membership, you will not lose access to your press releases. You may login to your account at anytime and access your PRLeap press releases

    Can I upgrade or downgrade plans at any time?

    You bet! Simply email us with your request and we will take care of it for you.

    What types of payment do you accept?

    Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card. An invoice is provided per transaction.

    What if I have questions?

    Email Us and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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